On this page, we will make available all of the useful information, tools and education resources we develop as and when they become available.


We are in the process of conducting detailed quantitative and qualitative research into the prevalence of illegal lending in Northern Ireland.

We very much hope this research will provide a better understanding of both the scope and the nature of the problem and will help inform our efforts and those of partner agencies to effectively target individuals and groups most at risk of illegal lending.

We will make available our research papers as and when they come available so please check this page regularly for updates or Contact Us if you have any queries about our research efforts.


We are currently working with partners to develop relevant educational and training resources for primary and secondary schools, young people, and adults in order to raise awareness of the problems associated with illegal money lending.

These resources are designed to address potential difficulties at every step along the way on the path to resorting to illegal money lending.

Our training and education resources will soon be available on request from this page so please check back regularly for updates or Contact Us if you have any queries about our training and education resources.


We are constantly working with partners within the financial services industry to develop alternative lending products which offer a genuine and practical alternative to illegal money lending.

In addition, we are developing bespoke on-line tools to provide practical financial guidance to individuals who may be experiencing financial difficulties.

Please check back regularly for updates on availability of our budgeting and banking tools.